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What can social workers offer?

Published on 30th June 2013

The College of Social Work (TCSW) has just finished a consultation with members on its draft document on the roles and tasks that require social workers.

This is an important step in the discussion about the value of social work that has been going on through initiatives like TCSW’s Business case for social work with adults and Research in Practice for Adults’ Manifesto on the value of adult social work.


The question of what social workers should do must be based on... Read full article

Who supervises the Minister?

Published on 3rd June 2013

I have been spending a lot of time thinking about supervision lately for various projects: how supervisors can deliver good supervision; how supervisees can get what they need from supervision; how organisations can embed reflective supervision that is purposeful.

The problem with supervision is that we know that it is valuable but we haven’t proved it. (A bit like the problem with social work). How do we know it’s valuable?: people who get supervision say that it is important; we see... Read full article

What to provide?

Published on 9th May 2013

I have just spent a galvanising time at the Research in Practice for Adults Leaders’ Forum. The theme was making resources go further through prevention and the timing, coinciding with the Queen’s speech, made for a thought-provoking 24 hours. My main reflection is on the need for clarity about what adult social care councils must provide, what is worth providing additionally, and what falls outside their role. This is increasingly essential as councils make more difficult decisions about... Read full article

Welcome to Effective Practice

Published on 18th March 2013

Welcome to Effective Practice, a new venture to carry out specific project work that supports practitioners working in adult social care.

It is great to see the government, media and the public focusing on adult social care. This is hardly surprising given the changes in the population, the growing need for support for adults, the rise in expectations of what that support should look like and the lack of resources to provide it.

However, it is also due to regular failure in... Read full article


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