A new shore

“Think about transition as going over a bridge. Look and see what you need to leave behind and honour that. Pick up what you want to take with you and use that. Imagine what you’ll get at the other side and look forward to that.” (Jo)

After 8 years of hosting, Jo and I are handing Helpful Social Work podcast on to the Anti-Racism Movement

It is a lovely moment of transition after hundreds of hours of conversation and nearly two hundred thousand downloads of our episodes.

Recently, we have had the pleasure of recording two podcasts with Shantel and Sylvia from ARM (have a listen to 9a on sustainable self-care and 10b the review of the year). We have had the chance to get to know them, their thoughtfulness and their urge to make social work the best it can be. 

Sylvia and Shantel are part of a network of black women, who have often had to push to be heard and who now support each other to reflect, grow and be amazing social workers. In series 9, they and their colleagues will be talking about some of the big debates in social work and also responding to the challenges that are going on around us.

It’s an opportunity to experience and enjoy their collective wisdom. We will be listening in to hear a range of voices that will enhance our understanding and knowledge. And will bring us joy.

Thinking back to that bridge…We are leaving Helpful Social Work behind. We will take from it all the experiences we’ve had and keep having these conversations. And we are really looking forward to being listeners.

It has been a tremendous privilege to have our voices heard. 

Thank you to everyone who’s listened so far and look out for Series 9, episode 1 in April 2024.

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