I set up Effective Practice a decade ago

so that my knowledge and experience

can contribute to the work 

to improve social care for our communities.

Gerry Nosowska

What I do

I help practitioners, managers and leaders to offer better social work and social care.

About me

I set up Effective Practice in 2013 so my knowledge and experience can contribute to work to improve social care for adults, families and communities.

I am a registered social worker. I worked in practice and management in local authority social care services. I then worked for Research in Practice, a charity that provides evidence to support people working in social care.

I continue to collaborate with Research in Practice. From 2018-2022, I was Chair of the British Association of Social Workers. I co-hosted Helpful Social Work podcast from 2016-2024.

My values

I aim to promote equity.

I follow social work ethics of upholding human rights, increasing social justice and working with integrity.

I work through relationships of honesty and trust.

I strive to be thoughtful and kind.

I collaborate with people, who bring diverse expertise and experience, to better understand how to make a difference.

I seek to keep the views of people with lived experience of social work and social care at the centre of everything that I do.

Gerry is a strong and committed advocate for social work and this gave power and authenticity to our policy and practice messages. Her extensive networks gave us easy points of connection to key people and organisations. Gerry showed excellent facilitation skills in enabling and supporting an Expert Advisory Group that met throughout the project.

Principal Investigator, Social Work with Older People project

How I work

I offer a range of support to enable practitioners, managers and leaders in social care to improve the experiences and outcomes of people, who are in need of care and support.

I carry out research and evaluation, develop strategy, create practice guidance and policies, and develop and deliver learning events. My specialism is social work with older people.

Current and recent projects include the Social Work with Older People research project, a Change Project to increase equity in adult social care, bespoke Strengthening Leaders sessions and resources to support people living alone with dementia.

Gerry’s professionalism and calm advice were of great benefit to us all.


Helpful Social Work podcast

Jo Fox and I set up the podcast to help social workers to learn, think and act with integrity so that people who need social work get help that will transform their lives.

We produced 8 series to support social workers to reflect and learn, and to inspire and help others. In 2024 we handed the podcast on.

You can find all the podcasts at www.helpfulsocialwork.com and on iTunes and Spotify.

We hope that you enjoy listening.

I was interested in social work and came across the podcast and it helped me to make the decision to get into social work and where to direct my work going forward.


Contact me

Please get in touch if you’d like to find out more.

I would like to thank you for your leadership, patience and understanding, you have always made time to listen and consider diverse perspectives.

Staff member in a charity

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