Best course I have been on for years. 

Great materials, tasks, verbal information, questionnaires

…inspirational, passionate facilitators

…time to rethink my role and become enthusiastic again 

Strengthening Managers’ Programme participant

What we do

Effective Practice helps practitioners, managers and leaders to improve social care practice, particularly social work.

Our background

Effective Practice was set up by Gerry Nosowska. Gerry is a registered social worker with extensive experience of adult social care practice, management, and using evidence to improve practice and services.

Gerry is an Associate with Research in Practice and with Strengthening Practice. From 2018-2022, she was Chair of the British Association of Social Workers.

Gerry co-presents Helpful Social Work podcast.

Our values

The values Effective Practice works with are to:

  • Use the best available information
  • Be thoughtful
  • Start from the customer’s point of view
  • Communicate clearly
  • Focus on what will practically make progress
  • Strive to work anti-oppressively.

We wanted the evaluation to be independent and objective, which it is. There is much to learn from the report and its recommendations for the future. We would like to thank you for your flexibility, commitment, thoroughness, strong sense of ethics and enthusiasm for the project.


How we work

Effective Practice provides advice and input to make sense of things, learn from what is known, identify implications, act to improve the way things work, and evaluate progress.

This can include consultancy for specific practice and service questions, direct learning and development with practitioners and managers, input to resources and activities to support adult social care, policy development and evaluation.

Effective Practice brings a blend of intellectual rigour and practicality, and wide knowledge and experience in practice, service delivery and development, policy and research.

Thank you for today’s session. We have lots to take away, think about and implement.



Helpful Social Work is a podcast that aims to help social workers to learn, think and act with integrity so that people who need social work get help that will transform their lives.

These podcasts are created by Jo Fox at Strengthening Practice and Gerry Nosowska at Effective Practice. We started this podcast because social work matters to us.

We aim to support social workers to reflect and learn, and to inspire and help others.

You can find all our podcasts at and on iTunes and Spotify. We hope that you enjoy listening.

Clear thinking, clearly communicated with such helpful advice and guidance. Hard to believe that I have come this far in my career without ever before being exposed this level of advice and guidance.


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Please get in touch to find out more about what Effective Practice can offer.

Gerry’s professionalism and calm advice were of great benefit to us all

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