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What makes me a social worker?

Published on 28th June 2017

I am not a social worker because a regulator says that I am.

I signed up to be part of an international profession, with a global identity and ethics, and with a shared purpose that crosses national boundaries.

I studied with others who shared a commitment to this identity, ethics and purposes. I carried out work that enabled me to put these into practice. I continue to learn and develop so that I can do this better.

As it happens, I undertook a course approved in... Read full article

Keep hopeful; keep helpful

Published on 24th March 2017

I am finding that more and more conversations in social work are ethical conversations about how we do good work in a difficult context. I hear a great deal about struggle. And I find myself wondering how we can aspire when aspiration may not seem realistic.

Much of the work I do requires aspiration. It is about how we empower people, develop excellent practice, build support for social workers, and argue passionately and knowledgably for resources. Sometimes the choice seems to be to... Read full article

Our tenth podcasts, time to think about progress...

Published on 7th February 2017

What has happened in social work in the last year that felt like progress? What do we need to work on?


As our podcast, Helpful Social Work, comes up to a year old, Jo Fox and I look back on the last twelve months in social work.

We try and avoid thinking just about what’s different (change), and look for where things have got better (progress). There are positives, despite the difficult context, but a lot still to do.


Our ambition for the next year is... Read full article

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