Doing less with less

In our latest podcast, Jo Fox and I unpick the idea that we can keep doing More with Less.

As cuts affect more and more people, evidence grows that we cannot maintain quality with less resource. We talk about how social workers can sustain ourselves and work ethically in the midst of cuts. We also consider how we can most effectively lobby for the resource that is needed for people to have good lives.

We argue that we cannot pretend that we can do everything. Instead we need to look at how much is reasonable to do while still remaining well, prioritise what is most urgent and important, and make sure our organisation knows what we have to leave undone. This is much easier said than done but without these kind of open conversations social workers will continue to be overwhelmed and to leave the profession.

We also talk about the importance of letting friends, family and the public know about the impact of cuts on people we work with, and telling their stories with them. We think this is the most effective way of arguing for more resource. It is harder to refuse support to someone we know than to someone who is unseen.

We hope this and our other podcasts are helpful for your reflection and discussion. Let us know what you think.