New podcasts on social work relationships

The latest podcasts from Jo Fox  and me are on relationships between social workers. The first is about relationships with colleagues, including group dynamics. The second is about social work as a single profession.

Relationships with colleagues – at work and across the profession – are a crucial source of support. Relationship comes from the Latin relatio meaning a narration or story. We think the story of social work relationships should be a positive and hopeful one. Some current developments and the current lack of resources are pushing us into competition – for example children’s social workers against adults, degree against fast-track, innovators against traditionalists. It is vitally important that we join together as a profession, with a single voice, purpose and ethics. And that we pool our expertise and experience to ensure that people get good social work support throughout their lives.

For us that means being members of a professional body, using the international definition and code of ethics, and sharing evidence and expertise.

What does it mean for you?

We hope you enjoy listening. Let us know what you think.