New podcasts on workload and recording

I have just posted the latest podcasts from Jo Fox and me on workload and recording.

Parkinson’s law states that work expands to fit the time and space available. Social workers will never finish all the work that there is to do or write down everything that we possibly could. These podcasts aim to help us consider how to work sustainably and effectively.

We look at the evidence around workload management systems and identify the principles that support us to manage our work. In particular, the need for shared decision making between practitioners and accountable managers. We also look at the impact of targets on work and Eileen Munro’s concern that we can ‘hit the target and miss the point.’

In our second podcast, we chat about recording: why we do it and considerations about how to record well. We explore the idea of recording as a way of empowering people by helping them to understand their lives and better identify their options.

Managing work, targets and recording should all ultimately help the children, adults and families that we work with.

We hope you enjoy listening. Let us know what you think.

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