Social work podcast launched on World Social Work Day 2016

Helpful Social Work is a new podcast that aims to help social workers to learn, think and act with integrity so that people who need social work get help that will transform their lives.

These podcasts are created by me and by Jo Fox at Child Centred Practice. We’ve started this podcast and launched it on World Social Work Day because social work matters to us.

Social work matters because it helps those, who would otherwise lack the resources to manage, maintain or restore their lives. We need to hold onto the potential of social work to make a profound difference to people’s lives. As people who support social workers through training and practice improvement, we want to enthuse and enable social workers to change the world. These podcasts aim to help social workers make sense of practice, and increase their effectiveness and optimism.

Each podcast is in two parts. The first explores a topic relating to social work practice, drawing on theory, evidence and experience. The second part is a conversation about what’s happening in social work at the moment, and our thoughts and reflections on that. We hope that you will enjoy listening.

You will find an introductory podcast, and our first podcast on Integrity and on World Social Work Day here. We aim to add a new podcast at least every month.

We hope that these podcasts will support social workers to reflect and learn, and to inspire and help others. Please let us know what you think.