Welcome to Effective Practice

Welcome to Effective Practice, a new venture to carry out specific project work that supports practitioners working in adult social care.

It is great to see the government, media and the public focusing on adult social care. This is hardly surprising given the changes in the population, the growing need for support for adults, the rise in expectations of what that support should look like and the lack of resources to provide it.

However, it is also due to regular failure in adult services to provide good quality care in the way that people need and want. At its worst, this failure results in abuse and great harm to individual and their families, and distress to others who fear what will happen to them should they need support.

Ideally, we would see supporting people, who need day-to-day help to live the lives they want, as a mark of the society we live in. We would ensure that this support transforms people’s lives. In reality, we see people who work in adult social care striving to make lives better and often finding barriers.

The draft Care and Support Bill and the White Paper are a great opportunity for everyone in this country to engage with what support for adults should look like and should achieve, and to listen to people who know from experience about how it can work.