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New podcasts - critical reflection: a helpful habit

The latest podcasts from Jo Fox and me are on critical reflection. This is a really important topic for us; something that is crucial to helpful practice.

4b Practical Reflection

In the second part of our fourth podcast we talk about how social workers make critical reflection happen, despite the pressure and busyness of our work.

4a Critical Reflection

The first part of our fourth podcast is on the topic of critical reflection. We take a look at the theory and evidence around using critical reflection, and offer a model for doing good reflection in practice.

No one is an island

As a social worker, what matters to me in the EU referendum

I have been looking at what is likely to happen to social care and to health if we leave the European Union. The British Medical Association have just published a guide to help medics think about the referendum’s implications. It raises some issues that are helpful for social work to consider:

New podcasts - being purposeful and telling our story

Another month, another two podcasts. Jo Fox and I recorded these following an inspiring day coaching social care managers. We share two topics that are essential to sustainable social work practice: purposefulness and stories.

3b Social work stories

In the second part of our third podcast we talk about the importance of stories in social work, how they affect us, and how we can create and tell empowering stories about what we do.

3a Busyness and Purposefulness

The first part of our third podcast looks at the topic of how we can remain purposeful in the busy practice of social work, the importance of sustainable practice and how to prioritise well.

2b Evidence and Ideology

In the second part of our second podcast we talk about the role of evidence and ideology in policy, and how we can be more transparent about what is based on knowledge and what is based on belief.

2a Values and Beliefs

The first part of our second podcast looks at the topic of values and beliefs in social work, the impact they have on our practice, and how we can be more aware of them.

Social work podcast launched on World Social Work Day 2016

Helpful Social Work is a new podcast that aims to help social workers to learn, think and act with integrity so that people who need social work get help that will transform their lives.

These podcasts are created by me and by Jo Fox at Child Centred Practice. We’ve started this podcast and launched it on World Social Work Day because social work matters to us.


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