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8a Containment and Support

The first part of our eighth podcast is on the topic of emotional containment and support for social workers. We take a look at the theory and evidence around how to help social workers to understand, process and learn from the emotional aspect of their work. 

New podcasts on social work relationships

The latest podcasts from Jo Fox  and me are on relationships between social workers. The first is about relationships with colleagues, including group dynamics. The second is about social work as a single profession.

7b One profession

In the second part of our seventh podcast we talk about how we can collaborate and thrive as one profession, despite differences, in the current context of reform and scarce resources.

7a Relationships with colleagues

The first part of our seventh podcast is about our relationships with colleagues. We take a look at what makes a helpful colleague and how groups can work well together. We offer a model for discussion to help avoid group think and power issues.

New podcasts on workload and recording

I have just posted the latest podcasts from Jo Fox and me on workload and recording.

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6b Recording

In the second part of our sixth podcast we talk about recording and the myth that ‘if it isn’t written down, it didn’t happen.’ We look at how recording can empower people, as well as supporting accountability and good practice.

6a Workload

The first part of our sixth podcast is on workload. We take a look at the evidence around how best to manage work. We also look at the impact of targets, and the importance of focusing on outcomes rather than outputs.

New podcasts on the environment: The ethics of hotdesking

I have just posted the latest podcasts from Jo Fox and me on the environment, and particularly on hotdesking.

Social workers have an ethical responsibility to care about our context. The International Federation of Social Workers’ Code of Ethics says​:

5b Hotdesking

In the second part of our fifth podcast we talk about how hotdesking can affect practice. We look at how we can ensure there are appropriate spaces for reflection, and appropriate peer and emotional support for social workers.

5a The working environment

The first part of our fifth podcast is on the working environment. We take a look at the ethics, theory and evidence around the environment. We look particularly at the atmosphere and spaces that social workers work in, and talk about how we can control and influence the places we work.


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