Doing less with less

In our latest podcast, Jo Fox and I unpick the idea that we can keep doing More with Less.

9b Doing Less with Less

In the second part of our ninth podcast we unpick the idea that we can keep doing more with less, and look at how we can work sustainably and helpfully with fewer resources. We consider social workers’ wellbeing and workload, accountability and prioritising, and how we can lobby for good social care.

How do you motivate people?

Last week I spent the day in a supervision workshop with 25 enthusiastic social care managers looking at how they can best enable practitioners to work well.

Halfway through a discussion, one of the managers asked: ‘how do we keep motivating staff when things are so difficult, when there’s so little money and people are really struggling?’

Good question; particularly now when we have the spending review coming up fast and Joseph Rowntree Foundation’s report on poverty just out. How does a social care manager motivate staff when things are tough? Here are a few thoughts.

What’s the story, social work?

Social work seems to be in two minds at the moment. Is it a strong profession, recognised and valued? Or is it a struggling profession, overrun by work and affected by cuts?

I think it is a bit of both and that a tale about social work needs to tell both stories: a strengthening profession in increasingly difficult times. Social work has always worked at two levels: with individuals and with society. The way in which social workers support people is affected by the context.


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