Missing the chance for outcome-based social care?

The draft Care and Support bill states that the aim of social care is to promote well-being. Its implementation will include new national eligibility criteria. The government is currently seeking views on a discussion document for National Minimum Eligibility Criteria. Unfortunately, as currently drafted, these criteria fail to fully support the aim of promoting well-being, and risk a generation of confusion in social care practice.

The problem is that the eligibility criteria are not outcome-based. They state:

What to provide?

I have just spent a galvanising time at the Research in Practice for Adults Leaders’ Forum. The theme was making resources go further through prevention and the timing, coinciding with the Queen’s speech, made for a thought-provoking 24 hours. My main reflection is on the need for clarity about what adult social care councils must provide, what is worth providing additionally, and what falls outside their role. This is increasingly essential as councils make more difficult decisions about what care and support they can afford (see the latest ADASS survey).


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