April 2016

New podcasts on values and beliefs, evidence and ideology

Jo Fox and I have just posted a new podcast on values and beliefs.

This seemed like an important topic to prioritise. Social work is work with people and so the values and beliefs we hold will inevitably have an impact on what we do and how we go about it.

As we can’t avoid our values and beliefs being part of our work, we do need to be conscious of them, strive to understand where they come from and be prepared to talk about them.

2b Evidence and Ideology

In the second part of our second podcast we talk about the role of evidence and ideology in policy, and how we can be more transparent about what is based on knowledge and what is based on belief.

2a Values and Beliefs

The first part of our second podcast looks at the topic of values and beliefs in social work, the impact they have on our practice, and how we can be more aware of them.